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Effect Flex Film

Effect Flex Film - Special effect flex films are high impact heat transfer vinyls for garment lettering on t-shirts and other textiles. We stock a great range of special effect flex films, for example with glitter, shiny or perforated surfaces. With our comprehensive range of special effect films you can combine printing methods and materials for example a flock film with a shiny metallic special effect flex film giving your garment lettering a different depth, colour or texture making you stand out from the crowd.

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  1. POLI-FLEX Pearl Glitter Flexfolie
  2. Siser Glitter 2 Flexfolie
  3. POLI-FLEX Glitter Flexfolie
  4. POLI-FLEX Turbo Bright Flexfolie
  5. Siser P.S. Electric Flexfolie
  6. Siser Sparkle Flexfolie
  7. Siser Foil
  8. Siser HS Foil
  9. POLI-FLEX Image Flexfolie
  10. POLI-FLEX Image PU Flexfolie
  11. Siser Holographic Flexfolie
  12. POLI-FLEX Glossy Flexfolie
  13. Siser Vernice Flexfolie
  14. POLI-FLEX CARBON Flexfolie
  15. Siser P.S. Metallic Flexfolie
  16. POLI-FLEX Dimension Flexfolie
  17. Siser EasyPatterns
  18. Siser Brick 600 Flexfolie
  19. POLI-FLEX Blackboard Flexfolie
  20. Siser Brick 1000 matt
  21. Siser P.S. LUMEN Flexfolie
  22. Siser Blackboard Flexfolie
  23. Siser Brick 1000 gloss
  24. Siser P.S. Perfor Flexfolie
  25. POLI-FLEX Luminous Flexfolie
  26. Chemica Duoflex

26 Items

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