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Super Tack Banner Tape

Banner Tape

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Super Tack Banner Tape

The Super Tack Banner Tape is a double sided adhesive tape with a very high tack (adhesive strength). The Super Tack Banner Tape is ideal for PVC banner material and other materials which need a very high adhesive strength when bonding such as skirting and borders used in the furniture industry.

The Super Tack Banner Tape is based on a colourless, transparent polyester tape with 200 µ thickness and is equipped with a modified solvent acrylic adhesive. The Super Tack Banner Tape has a red PP-liner.

  • Material: Polyester 200 µ
  • Liner: PP-Film, red
  • Adhesive strength 24 hours: 25 N/25 mm
  • Usage temperature: > +15 °C


The substrate can be of a smooth or slightly structured surface without being porous, fibrous or holed.

The substrates which are to be bonded need to be cleaned thoroughly from oil, dirt, grease and dust. Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or such is strongly recommended. Compatability tests between the substrate, cleaner and Super Tack Banner Tape are to be carried out.

Usage temperature
The Super Tack Banner Tape should be used at a temperature between 15 °C and 30 °C. The parts which are to be joined need to be acclimatised in the workshop or factory for 24 hours before bonding. This is especially important when materials are taken from a cold area into a warmer area where condensation can become a problem.