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POLI-TAPE 160 Filmic Application Tape

POLI-TAPE 160 is a transparent filmic application tape manufactured using an embossed polypropelene film with excellent lay flat properties and high dimensional stability. Due to the embossed surface the POLI-TAPE 160 application tape is easy to roll of the log. The POLI-TAPE 160 is suitable for wet and dry applications.

Technical Data

  • Film: Embossed Polypropylene 
  • Adhesive: Acrylic 
  • Adhesive strength (N/cm): 1,10 +/- 10 % 
  • Thickness 0,11 mm +/- 5%

The POLI-TAPE 160:

  • Is an embossed PP-Film. Easy roll off properties.
  • Has very good transparency, makes the positioning of lettering easier.
  • Has very good lay flat properties even with large areas.

We slit POLI-TAPE 160 filmic application tape free of charge. Please write in the box above in which widths you would like the rolls to be slit. One of the rolls needs to be at least 10 cm wide.