Screen Printing Sheets - foil direct stocks screen printing sheeets from Ritrama for a range of applications and are suitable for printing with solvent based inks and UV printing. As all Ritrama products the screen printing sheets have REACH conformity. Here are some examples: :

  • Soft vinyl sheets for promotional stickers, window stickers P.O.P advertising and more.
  • Rigid vinyls for labels with a higher stiffness and ruggedness for larger format labels and marking.
  • Polyester sheeting for durable labels and stickers on appliances, lay flat applications in the bike and motorcycle industries and decorative stickers.
  • Speciality sheeting such as acetate fabric for labels on mattresses, in shoes or on fabrics or ultra-destructible sheeting for tamper-proof labelling.

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  1. Ritrama DS2
  2. Ritrama Satin Acetat
  3. Ritrama 650/23P
  4. Ritrama 670/23P
  5. Ritrama 205/80A
  6. Ritrama 205/80P
  7. Ritrama 145/80A
  8. Ritrama 145/80P

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