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Knives & Scalpels

Knives, Scalpels, Cut Mats and more - At foil direct we stock a great range of sign-making accessories such as knives, blades, scalpels, cut mats and more!

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  1. Cutting Mats
  2. SUPERIOR Cut Mat 3 Layer
  3. SUPERIOR Tweezers No. 1
  4. SUPERIOR Cutter
  5. Spare Blades SUPERIOR Cutter
  6. SUPERIOR Art Knife
  7. Spare Blades SUPERIOR Art Knife
  8. Spare Scalpel Blades
  9. Spare Blades ABB-50B
  10. Spare Blades SAB-10
  11. Spare Blades AB-10
  12. Spare Blades AB-10S
  13. Spare Blades Schnitty
  14. Spare Blades Couppy
  15. Spare Window Scraper Blades

28 Items

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Set Descending Direction