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Sign Vinyl - At foil direct we stock a large range of sign vinyls from Ritrama and SUPERIOR. All our sign vinyls are european-made and suitable for all different types of lettering applications.

More about Sign Vinyl

Sign Vinyl for Vehicles

When choosing a sign vinyl for vehicles it is recommended to use a polymeric sign vinyl. Polymeric sign vinyls have a very good uv-stability and are suitable for mid- to long-term outdoor usage.
If the graphics are to be applied to flat or slightly curved surfaces we recommend the Ritrama O Range 400. If the application needs to be applied to an uneven surface a high quality cast vinyl such as the Ritrama Supreme Cast is called for.
A special sign vinyl with the advantges of both the O Range 400 and the Supreme Cast is the slow- or soft-calandered Ritrama Premium-Series vinyl.

Vinyl for Signage

Outdoor Signage - A polmeric calandered sign vinyl is recommended for outdoor signage applications. This category of sign vinyls has very good working properties and is UV-stabilised for years of outdoor usage. Another advantage of polymeric calendered sign vinyls (such as the Ritrama O Range 400), is that they are not expensive.
Indoor Signage - Matt sign vinyls such as the Ritrama M300 are ideal ideal for indoor signage. The matt surface does not reflect the glare of indoor lighting and matt sign vinyls, which are typically monomeric calendered vinyls, have the advantage of a very low price.

Sign Vinyl for Windows

Depending on the type of window application there are different types of vinyl to choose from.
Transparent Sign Vinyl - Transparent sign vinyls are used for window decoration and lettering on shop-windows. The coloured transparent sign vinyls have the advantage that they let light through and they are also see through.
Glass Decoration Vinyl - Glass decoration vinyls have a surface which looks like etched- or sand-blasted glass. Glass decoration films are often used for lettering on glass doors and windows where a high quality optical effect is required.
Privacy Vinyl - Privacy vinyls such as the Ritrama PTF are milky white vinyls which let light through but are not see through.There are also privacy vinyls with different embossed or printed patterns such as dots or stripes available.
Please be aware that when using vinyls on windows that the windows can, in exceptional cases, crack or break especially when the vinyl covers large areas of the window.

Speciality Sign Vinyl

There is a wide range of speciality sign-vinyls available today. Following are some examples:

Metallic Sign Vinyl - Metallic vinyls such as the Ritrama Gemstone vinyl have large metal flakes in them and are used for high-impact lettering.
Metallised Sign Vinyl - Metallsied vinyls have surfaces which look like chrome or gold or they may have brushed or patterned metallic surfaces.
Blackboard Vinyl - Blackboard vinyl such as the Ritrama Blackboard can be written on using chalk.
Day Glow Vinyl - The F-Grade series of vinyl from Ritrama is a sign vinyl with very bright neon-like colours and are used for short term conspicuous graphics.
Photoluminescent Vinyl - Photoluminescent vinyl charges with light during the day and glows in the dark and is often used for safety signage.

There are lots more types of speciality sign vinyl available on the foil direct website just ask us if you are looking for a vinyl for a special application.