Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed Flex Film

Flex Film: Polyurethane, 90 µ

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Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed

Heat Transfer Vinyl - The Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed is a PVC free heat transfer vinyl (flex film), for t-shirts and other garments made of cotton, polyester and their blends. The 90 µ PU flex film has a sticky polyester liner with a higher tack making weeding easy especially when using small details and because of it's thickness and elasticity the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed is more like a print once pressed.

Multiple layer applications are no problem due to the special hot-melt adhesive which also allows washing up to 80 °C making the Siser P.S. Film ideal for tougher applications such as workwear or childrenswear. Certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I, can be tumble dried at normal settings.

Siser P.S. Film OEKO-TEX


Prepress garment for 2 - 3 seconds at full temperature before positioning the film. Wash inside out, wait 24 hours after the heat transfer.

150 °C
15 sec.
3,5 bar 
Remove Liner
Cold or
Second Pressing
Washable at
80 °C 
Dry Cleaning

These instructions are based on the values obtained from practical experience. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. We strongly recommend the evaluation on test material.

Colours shown may deviate from the original colours and are for illustration purposes only!

Further Information

Advantages of the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed

Sticky Liner
The liner on the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed flex film is sticky which is a great advantage when weeding small details. If they get pulled off by mistake when weeding you can just press them back onto the sticky liner.

Ideal Processing Properties
The Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed is specially optimised for easy processing, the flex film can be quickly and easily weeded. It is important to cut through the film especially at the corners, but the blade should leave only a light impression on the liner.

Different colours, same processing properties
When using flex films from some other manufacturers there might be a very big difference in the processing properties depending on which colour you are using. The Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed is optimised during the manufacturing process to keep these differences to a minimum giving you probably the easiest to use flex film available on the market today.

With all Siser products (including the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed ) the manufacturing tolerances are kept to a minimum which reduces the differences in the processing properties from roll to roll. This makes the film easier to use and saves time.

Probably the best flex film for multi-layer graphics
Experience has shown that the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed flex film is probably the best film available for multi-layer graphics. Even difficult colours such as metallic or flou colours can be applied on top of one another. Please note that when using the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed for multi-layer graphics the first colour to be pressed should only be pressed for a short time and the last colour for the full time. If you are doing multi-layer graphics then the Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed is the right choice.

High adhesive strength
The Siser P.S. Film EasyWeed has a high adhesive strength on the textile, probably the highest available today. Using Siser products ensures that your textile graphics and garment lettering will, on average, last longer on the textile than other flex films. As with all films for garment lettering it is important to prepress the textile for about 3 seconds before you position and press the flex film or flock film onto it.

The Siser P.S. Film is certified to the OEKO-TEX® 100 class I and is suitable for usage on infants clothing.

Free Sample Service
It is always a good idea to use Siser transfer films for garment lettering. If you neeed a colour card or a sample just ask us at foil direct and we will be happy to send them to you, free of charge and without obligation.