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foil direct Subli-Print

Subli-Print Cushion (Filling optional)

The Subli-Print cushion cases are made of 100 % structured polyester and are more robust than most smooth or shiny cases. The Subli-Print cuhions have a zip and are available in 40 x 40 cm square or heart shaped. Delivery without filling!

The matching cushion filling has to be ordered separately and has an outer case filled with polyester fibres and should be well shaken befor use to enable the filling to reach it’s full volume.


How to print on the cushions using TexPrint®R Sublimation Paper:

Print on TexPrint®
200 °C 

45 sec.
3 bar
Remove TexPrint®R

These instructions are based on the values obtained from practical experience. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. We strongly recommend the evaluation on test material.