Metal Key Ring

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foil direct Subli-Print

Subli-Print Key Ring 

The subli-print metal key rings are available in gloss or matt finishes. The subli-print key rings have a recess which accommodates the matching subli-print aluminium inlay.

The matching subli-print inlays have a one-sided, white gloss surface approx. 21 x 23 mm. To fix the subli-print inlays to the subli-print key rings a double sided adhesive tape is required. Spare inlays are available.

Please remove the protective film before printing.


How to print on the metal inlays using TexPrint®R Sublimation Paper:

Print on TexPrint®
200 °C 
45 sec.
3,5 bar 
Remove TexPrint®R

These instructions are based on the values obtained from practical experience. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. We strongly recommend the evaluation on test material.