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Etch Glass Film

Etch-glass films / glass decoration films are ideal for decorative privacy protection on windows and glass doors. At foil direct we have a great choice of different glass decoration films.

  • Ritrama PTC Crystal Cast - high quality cast glass decoration film in 5 different colours with a coarse sandblast pattern for highly aesthetic and long lasting designs.
  • Ritrama PTA - a nice polymeric glass decoration film with a fine sandbalst pattern which is very popular for decorative privacy protection applications with up to 5 years outdoor usage (indoors a lot longer).
  • Ritrama PTAS Dark Silver - a high quality glass decoration film like the Ritrama PTA but with a darker silver-/grey colour for a more obvious contrast on windows.
  • Ritrama PTG - is a silver-grey polymeric glas decoration / privacy film with a fine sand blast look and micro-channel adhesive.
  • Ritrama PTF - a polymeric milk glass film. The Ritrama PTF is  the classic privacy protction / glass decoration film for use in hospitals, offices and factory buildings.

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  1. SUPERIOR Frosty Silver
  2. Ritrama Crystal Cast
  3. Ritrama PTA Silver
  4. Ritrama PTAS Dark Silver
  5. Ritrama PTG Silver Airflow
  6. Custom Slitting

6 Items

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