Product information


Siser® P.S. Lumen Flex Film

The Siser® P.S. Lumen is a PL film (photoluminescent), which stores light in brightness and emits green light in darkness. The colour of Siser® P.S. Lumen is white in bright light.

The film has an average thickness of only 100 µ, but is not suitable for small fonts or fine details.


The following information is intended as a guide and may vary due to tolerances (material properties, blade wear, etc.). A test cut is required at each roll change and wash tests are recommended.

Pre-press at full press temperature for 2-3 seconds and wash inside out at least 24 hours after pressing.

Mirror subject Yes
Pressing temperature 150 °C
Pressing time 15 seconds
Contact pressure Medium, 2,5 - 3,5 Bar
Pull off the backing material Warm / cold
Washable up to 40 °C, no softener, do not tumble dry
Knife / Tool 45° | Cricut: Premium Fine Point | Cameo: Autoblade | Juliet: 45°
Knife pressure 90 g | Cricut: - | Cameo: 6 | Juliet 5-10
Preset Cricut: Heat Transfer (Non-Cricut) | Cameo: Heat Transfer Smooth

Always carry out application tests on the original material.