Product information


SUPERIOR 9400 Rainbow Craft Vinyl / Sign Vinyl

SUPERIOR 9400 Rainbow Craft Vinyl is a transparent vinyl in rainbow colours with integrated holo pattern. The 9400 Rainbow Craft Vinyl has a permanent adhesive and is suitable for indoor designs.

For most application work, we recommend SUPERIOR ATG Transfer Tape (Application Tape) and SUPERIOR MTG Mounting Film.


The following information is intended as a guide and may vary due to tolerances (material properties, blade wear, etc.). A test cut is required at each roll change.

Knife / Tool 45° | Cricut: Premium Fine Point | Cameo: Autoblade | Juliet: 45°
Knife pressure 90 g | Cricut: Standard | Cameo: 10 | Juliet: 10-15
Preset Cricut: Holographic Vinyl | Cameo: Vinyl Glossy

Always carry out application tests on the original material.