Product information


SUPERIOR® Metal Effect Film

This effective sign vinyl in Silver Chrome, Mirror Gold and Rose Gold gives your designs an exclusive and noble look. The 25 micron thick polyester films have a high-gloss surface, the adhesive side is silver for all colours.

The SUPERIOR® Metal Effect Film is durable for up to 2 years outdoors and up to 5 years indoors. Not suitable for use on vehicles.


The following information is intended as a guide and may vary due to tolerances (material properties, blade wear, etc.). A test cut is required at each roll change.

Knife / Tool 45° | Cricut: Premium Fine Point | Cameo: Autoblade | Juliet: 45°
Knife pressure 70 g | Cricut: Less | Cameo: 6 | Juliet: 5-10
Preset Cricut: Metallic Vinyl | Cameo: Vinyl Metallic

Always carry out application tests on the original material.